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Sean Dugan - 12/21/00 00:31:32
My Email:sdugan@hotcoco.infi.net
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Nov.'59-Nov.'62

My father, Harold Dugan, was stationed at Wethersfield.An unforgettable 3 years! I was 7 when we transferred from Lowry. This was also homecoming for my mom, Joan, a WRAF who met Hal in 1943-4, married in '46 and moved to the states. Have a picture of Hal near the flight line at a base at Bishop's Stortford 1944-45, so the area was a familiar one. Harold was a Staff & Tech Sgt (I think),in 20th A&E. We rotated back to Lowry, then to Goose Bay in '66, and finally Wurtsmith in '67. He retired a Chief in '68 when he heard they were going to ship him to Vietnam; decided WWII and Korea were enough. Hal & Joan stayed in touch with Carroll and Tarpley thru the years, not sure who else. While at Wethersfield, he worked with the Boy Scouts, teaching AmerIndian dancing (did you go to the show at the Albert Hall?). We stayed at Crouch End Court Hotel in Colchester our first Xmas (it's now a nursing home); then a thatched cottage in Debden Green until June'60, when we moved to #57A Mitchell Circle. I joined Little League, and was thrilled when they built the new ball park right behind our back door (later named after the late Col.Kelly). Have many, many happy memories, but names are not my strong suit (I was just a service brat). Have been back to UK twice in last 2 years, will be going again next Spring, and will be by the area for the first time since '62. Harold died July '98. But Joan is still active and if you contact me, I will pass along any messages (she doesn't have email yet). Wish Dad could have seen this site. Thanks so much -- I can see our apt in both the aerial photos -- we were on the end closest to the 1B side of home plate of the ball field; Tarpley's were opposite end of the bldg.

Chris Pate - 12/20/00 03:05:30
My Email:pman9@mediaone.net
Address:: Santa Clarita, Ca
Group:: 7119 ABG/Security Police
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Aug-1987-Aug-1990

This is a great web-site! I'd like to hear from more people who were assigned to Wethersfield when I was there. The base's mission was the RED HORSE when I was assigned there. I was an SP and will always have fond memories of the base and the U.K..

Michiel D. Gies (Msgt. Retired) - 12/05/00 22:59:48
My Email:Carbuffs@teleport.com
Address:: 614 N.E. 118th Av Portland, Oregon 97220
Phone:: (503)257-7603
Group:: 20 TFW
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1969-1970
Comments:: If the Air Force had left me there I would still be there.

I was at weatersfield until they moved us (F-111s)to Upper Heyford where I was stationed until 1972.I had a roommate and best friend Steve Gezcy,We were both in the Jet engine shop.If anyone knows what happend to steve please let me know.I had a great tim .I was into old cars and motorcycles there and I still am.Someone may remember a 1968 yellow corvette roadster I drove in 1971-72 at Upper Heyford?It was great to run into this site and I will dig out some old pictures of the base and some of my motorcycl races I raced with the Oxford Ixson motorcycle club.I could go on for ever as these are great memories and I will always hold them close to my heart.I left England and went to Clovis New Mexico

Wayne Bentel - 11/29/00 19:52:19
My Email:wfbentel@msn.com
Address:: 22134 Salem Rd, Salem, WI 53168
Phone:: 2628432643
Group:: 20th Supply - Expedite
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 12/62 - 6/66

First of all thanks for the wonderful web site and the opportunity to remember good times and old friends. Spent a lot of time in Harlow New Town - married Valerie Crisp (divorced). Tom Fabian, Jay Rhine, Joe "Rocky" Marciano and Sgt. DeFilippio to name a few of those I worked with.

Colleen Mitchell - 11/24/00 09:29:22
My URL:http://www.fruitcake4u.com
My Email:colleen@fruitcake4u.com
Address:: P.O. Box 181924 Coronado, CA 92178
Phone:: 805-736-4300
Comments:: My father met my mother in England more than 30 years ago and we love our "second home" near Cambridge

My mother and I started the fruitcake business after so many people raved about our recipe. It is a good one. Please check out our website. Happy Holidays to all.

Archie Mitchell - 11/24/00 09:20:51
My Email:amitc32738@aol.com
Address:: P.O. Box 181924 Coronado, CA 92178
Phone:: (805)736-4300
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1966 - 1969
Comments:: England swings like no other place

I fell in love with fruitcakes while in England; if you really want a good fruitcake in the states check out www.fruitcake4u.com; this is the place for the best fruitcake, and believe me I have tried more than a few. Howdy, to all of those old Wethersfie d Raiders who were on the '66-69 Championship Football team. Is anybody still alive out there? Let me hear from you "bruisers". Happy Holidays to all. Mitch ...

Albert Gallegos - 11/21/00 02:43:33
My Email:sagallegos@juno.com
Address:: 608 Douglas MacArthur NW Albuquerque,New Mexico 87107
Phone:: 505 344-2893
Group:: P.E. & Flight Line
Dates stationed at RAFW:: May 1960 to May 1963

Would like to hear from:Lee Roberson,Johnny Reyes, Robert Roa, Robert Cordaway and Donald Rios. If anyone has heard from these guys, please contact me. Thanks Al

Lezlie A. Clemons - 11/20/00 05:39:15
My Email:lezliec@hotmail.com/lezlie@brinet.com
Address:: P.O. Box 1122, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, 28745, USA
Phone:: (828)456-8341
Dates stationed at RAFW:: late 1955/early 1956

I am trying to find an Native American Indian who was serving in the Air Force (as a lab tech, career man, I think), and who was stationed at Wethersfield in late 1955/early 1956. I believe that he knew my parents, who were also stationed there at that t me period (USAF SSgt Charles C. Hartley & wife, Shirley, now deceased)... Any help, leads or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Bernie Anglin - 11/16/00 13:07:27
My Email:anglin@rivernet.com.au
Address:: 62 Garnet RD Sydney Australia 2228
Group:: 77th Fighter Bomber Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1953-55

My father was a crew chief on thunderstreaks. He met and married my mother while stationed at Wethersfield. I'd be glad to have any info from those that knew him

Clinton B Graybeal - 10/29/00 13:52:16
My Email:graybeal@crosslink.net
Address:: 12 Buckley Ave Rising Sun MD 21911 USA
Phone:: (410) 658-6070
Group:: 20 Trans Sq
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1963-1965


Vernon Bernhardt - 10/23/00 01:35:20
My Email:vernonb@pldi.net
Address:: 100 Chisholm Dr.,
Phone:: 4053754093
Group:: 20th Maintenance Sq.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1952-1954
Comments:: Enjoyed the experience

Would like to hear from any personnel that were stationed there at the same time. Have plenty of pictures from around the area. Vernon

Charlie Reynolds - 10/23/00 00:17:14
My Email:Uncle_C51@hotmail.com
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1982-1986
Comments:: Red Horse (819th)


John(jack) Wilson - 10/22/00 15:01:19
My Email:wilbarbjack@aol.com
Address:: 19 Sunny Slope Dr Hilton ny 14468
Group:: Ground Maint.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1959 - 1961


- 10/22/00 02:48:52

http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/rafwethersfield come and join the club you dont know who you will find

Gary L. Acevedo - 10/16/00 21:56:25
My Email:veritas44@hotmail.com
Address:: 115 Franklin S.W., Ronan, MT 59864
Phone:: 406-676-5732
Group:: 20th TAC Hospital, 90250's
Dates stationed at RAFW:: April 1967 to September 1970

I am amazed that this site exists! What a great idea! My years at the 20th were difficult, joyful, full of the excess and privilige of youth. John Gilliam, one of my former roommates, came to Montana a couple of years ago. He later sent a picture of th hospital staff that was taken the year before I got there so I couldn't identify many of the folks in it. I think being a medic during those days laid the foundation of much of the rest of my life. I am now a trial judge for the Flathead Tribal Court i Montana and am beginning my fourth term on the bench. E-mails from former 20th TAC members would be terrific. I just looked over the entire site and loved the pictures. I liked the aeroclub photo with 3758 kilo looking so small among the F-100's. Terr fic!

Darrell Harmon - 10/15/00 23:30:59
My Email:dhkh@netmcr.com
Address:: Reidsville N.C.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1971 1975

Great web site. I had alot of great times on the base. My dad was stationed thier from 1971 - 1975. Me and my two bothers enjoyed those four years.

Rudy Carnera - 10/10/00 05:58:18
Address:: 27308 NE182nd Ave,Battle Ground,Wa.
Phone:: 360-666-6859
Group:: 20th FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1957-60
Comments:: I did it all at Weathersfield

It was one of the highlights in my life. Went on many tdy's to North Africa and Norway. I've stayed with aircraft, working for United Air Lines for 38 yrs. Will retire in March of next year. Good luck folks ,was at reunion.

S/Sgt Olen G. Hall - 10/09/00 22:50:13
My Email:ohgeehall@worldnet.att.net
Address:: 287 Justin Dr Dallas GA 30157
Phone:: 770 445 5375
Group:: 20th maintenance
Dates stationed at RAFW:: June 1952/MAY 1955
Comments:: One of my lifes greatest experiences

Our group was one of the first to arrive when the base was reopened in 1952. We took the 20th from Shaw AFB SC to Langley AFB VA to RAF Weathersfield. I met my wife-to-be in London and we were married In December 1954, shortly before returning to the Stat s. One of our first stops when visiting the old country is Finchingfield. I feel fortunate to have been a part of the history of the 20th. I had,what I thought, was the best job in the outfit crew chief and flight engineer on C47 49er-512. I often wond r what happened to her.

Eli Granillo - 10/09/00 22:04:13
My Email:eandjdist@jps.net
Address:: PO Box 431 El Centro, CA 92244
Phone:: (760)353-1939
Group:: Field Maint / Sheet Metal Shop
Dates stationed at RAFW:: April 1959-1962
Comments:: Bob, what an outstanding site!

Memories: TDY's to Wheelus,The Bell,The Dog,The Windmill,The Longbar,all the weekends in London with so many great friends that still remain so after 40+ years. Always broke, always cold, never lonely.Welcoming Tuborg to the Airman's Club, the never endin alerts & sirens, KP duty, bombguard and perimeter duty,midnight chow,the drill team trips and so many more memories locked away forever, but never forgotten are the greatest three years of my life. To All My Mates-Cheers!!

Harold E. Getty - 10/07/00 22:14:37
My Email:Harcarge@aol.com
Address:: 1555 Woodmayr Dr. Waterloo, Iowa 50703
Phone:: 319-232-2128
Group:: 20th Field Maint.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Mar. 1959-Mar 1962
Comments:: WoW ! What a Country

Fellas, Here's how it started. I want to tell you the rest of the story. Who would have thought when Eli, Bogie, Krout and myself started out in San Antoinio, Texas, moved to Amarillo and then was shipped to RAF Wethersfield, it would start a lifelong mem ry book of friends. I am so glad everyone has excess through this website to remember and share all their memories. I met my wife Carol in Chelmsford and we were married there and will celebrate 40 years of marriage this Oct. We return to England every couple of years and enjoy family and friends over there. God bless everyone and lets keep in touch.

Robert E Polhamus - 10/07/00 15:46:01
My Email:bohunk@techline.com
Group:: Field Maintance
Dates stationed at RAFW:: May 1960 to Oct 1962
Comments:: Best years of my life


Circeo, Bob - 10/06/00 03:54:48
My Email:BCirceo@aol.com
Address:: 4700 Danube Dr NE


Harrison Schultz (Father TSGT Len Schultz) - 10/05/00 18:42:23
My Email:harrison.schultz@home.com
Address:: Reston, VA
Phone:: 703-598-0958
Group:: Dependent
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1976-1978

I'm going over to the U.K. next week for business and was trying to find out how close the place I'm visiting (Harlow) is to RAF Wethersfield when I came across this site. I plan to visit the old home and perhaps Finchenfield next week to bring back some ld memories. I'd be interested in chatting with anyone who attended the base school during the same time I was there. Take care, hts.

Ed Goodhue - 10/03/00 19:08:30
My URL:http://www.telepath.com/mred/indexa.htm
My Email:mred@telepath.com
Address:: 3425 Royalwood Circle, Del City, OK 73115-1745
Phone:: 405-627-2257
Group:: 20TFW/PA-Photo Lab
Dates stationed at RAFW:: early 60's

Came back again, to check on what other magic you have done to the site and if everything was working after GeoCities and Yahoo did their thing. Always enjoy it, Bob

douglas macdonald - 10/03/00 00:43:27
My Email:dmacdonald@lifefitness.com
Address:: 277 columbia ave
Phone:: 847 299 0870
Group:: 2163 AFCS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 63-64

After reading all the comments about the web site I can't wait to hook up, having trouble with the down load, will try later, was with the nav aids section (tacan vor ils) maint. 30451. great place to have been. anyone remember A1C Macdonald......

Joseph Falchek - 09/29/00 17:22:27
My Email:jfalchek@tobyhanna.army.mil
Address:: 12 Blanchard St.
Phone:: Plains Pa
Group:: 20th FMS AGE
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Mar. 62 to Mar. 65

Conratulations on web site enjoyed it as much as my tour at RAF Wethersfield. Photo,s and guestbook brought back a lot of memories of some of the great times and best of friends. Looking forward to hearing from some of them. It certainly was a honor and p easure to be a part of the 20th. Although its been many years it seems like it was only yesertday.

colin addington - 09/26/00 22:59:02
My Email:lee@addington.fsnet.co.uk
Address:: 59 keeble way braintree essex
Phone:: 01376 346365
Group:: decorator at the base
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1955

I have signed the guest book before but the e mail address has changed. I still am trying to get in contact with a Sgt Raulph Livingstone who was a great friend of mine at the base and i have lost contact with him it would be great to get in touch with hi if anyone has got any kind of links please let me no. I would be very greatfull.

Dick Larsen - 09/25/00 01:58:40
My Email:larsen@micron.net
Address:: Meridian, Idaho
Group:: Base Photo Lab
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Feb 62 - Aug 65

Always a pleasure to visit this web site looking for old friends from the photo lab, Information Office or others I knew. I was last back to Wethersfield in 1999. I will always remember the January 1963 crash that killed Col. Kelly, vice commander.

A2C John "Happy Jack" Chandler - 09/23/00 01:10:07
My Email:jchan48546@aol.com
Group:: 20th Supply (POL)
Dates stationed at RAFW:: June 1964 to Aug 1965


Ron Wertheim - 09/21/00 19:47:53
My Email:ronjw@sccoast.net
Address:: P.O. Box 595 - Pawleys Island, SC 29585
Phone:: (843) 235-8044
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1966-1968
Comments:: Great!

Would love to see more photos and hear from some of the "ground power" flightline guys.

Jim Ellis - 09/16/00 20:57:43
My Email:jimellis3@juno.com
Address:: 34 Hyland Ct. Columbiana, Ohio 44408
Phone:: 330-482-3724
Group:: Transit Alert
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Oct. 1963 to Oct. 1966

What a great site. Brings back alot of memories. Been back twice. Looking for people that in first barracks on the bottom floor.

Larry Kyle - 09/16/00 17:41:39
My Email:lkyle@brevard.net
Address:: 2021 Alexander Dr. Titusville, Fl. 32796
Phone:: (321)269-1449
Group:: 20th FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1964-1968

This is a fantastic site, brings back a lot of memories. I am forwarding it to another alumni in Ohio as well.

Wayne Sanders - 09/16/00 05:25:13
My Email:honey@peedeeworld.net
Address:: Ellerbe, NC 28338
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1059-64
Comments:: a lot of memorys came screaming back

Nice web site

Tom Tilden - 09/15/00 13:04:18
My Email:tomt@sirf.com
Address:: 14088 Meadowlands Drive, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone:: 909-789-1425
Group:: Comm Squadron & High Garrett
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1970-1972
Comments:: Life was good

I remember getting married and being able to pick which house I wanted on base. Good friends and a nice uncomplicated lifestyle.

Jim Letersky - 09/14/00 23:24:20
My Email:sfhbec@scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
Address:: Tampa, FL
Group:: 2163 COMM & DET 1 2166 COMM
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1970 - 1971
Comments:: My first of four assignments to Britain.


Michael Rathe - 09/12/00 19:11:51
My Email:michael.rathe@talk21.com.uk
Address:: 27 Underbank Lane, Moulton Leys, NORTHAMPTON NN3 7HH UK
Phone:: 01604 495286

sUPERB SITE. Very interested in the USAFE at Wethersfield. My Uncle Patrick G Rathe (died 1976)worked in the Motor Pool as a civilian driver. Remember to this day as kids in Braintree the exitement when he brought home the Press Realeases on the F100 in 1957. What a plane! Enjoyed the Armed Forces display and the variety of aircraft shown.

John R. Baggett Jr - 09/05/00 01:49:23
My Email:jrbaggett@earthlink.net
Address:: Apt 1117, 1023 Marlin Lakes Ci, Sarasota, FL 34232
Phone:: 941-342-9370
Group:: VA and 20 Supply SQ
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 2-29-64 12-13-66


Linda Ellard Meredith - 09/04/00 22:28:32
My Email:valleymom1@yahoo.com
Address:: Tennessee
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Oct 86-July 89

I would like to get in touch with anyone who was stationed at RAF Wethersfield between the years of 1986 and 1989, that remembers my father or any of my family. My father (Bobby W. Ellard) retired as a Master-Sergeant in July of 1989. We would love to hear from you.

Dick Ruth - 09/03/00 15:30:42
My Email:ruthat thepines@aol.com
Address:: 2 Driftwood Lane Berlin, Md. 21811
Phone:: 410-641-8099
Group:: 20th FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 9-1958 to 7-16-60


Roger R. Rehberg - 08/28/00 23:59:29
My Email:Jrehberg1111@juno.com
Address:: 1236 Tendick Street Jacksonville, IL 62650
Phone:: 217) 245-7403
Group:: Ground Power, Field Maint. SQ.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1960-1963

I left Wethersfield in 1963 and was sent to Andrews AFB, Washington D.C., was assigned to ground power on Air Force One for JFK. After 18 mos I got out of the service and we moved to Jacksonville , IL where we still live. I love the Wethersfield site. Hope to see everyone at the next reunion! Keep up the good work you guys. I'd love to hear from anybody who will contact me.

Charlie Scruggs - 08/20/00 18:41:35
My Email:charliescruggs@cs.com
Address:: 120 Mss Oaks Rd, Perry, Ga 31069
Phone:: 912-987-0092
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1963 - 1966

Was assigned to the 20th Transportaion Squadron as Chief Clerk. Played football for Jack Bailey, who was ny boss. We are still big friends and have visited many times. I married Dianne Barron (her father was MSgt Bill Barron - either FMS or OMS)in 1966 We have returned to England two times since 1966, most recent trip May this year. Glen Bozman and Harry Wagner visited Wethersfield last year and have the base tour on video. I retired from AF in 1981 and the US Postal Sevice in 1996. We have had two ransportation Sq reunions. I think Glen Bozman is in the process of putting something together for winter 2001. Anyone other than Transportation folks wishing to attend, let me know.

john dunbar - 08/18/00 19:57:58
My Email:r1j2@bellsouth.net
Address:: 6323 Clearbrook drive Morrow Ga 30260
Phone:: 770 961 1263
Group:: instrument shop
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 59 - 61 weathersfield 61 - 63 woodbridge
Comments:: Left for Charleston S.C. in 63

Best years of my life met and married Rita James of Chelmsford in 62 and moved to the Woodbrige base in 62 Daughter Frankie Dunbar born in 63 and then transferred to Charleston Base in 63. Attended both reunions and had a great time hope more can come to he next one

Jimmy Mayer - 08/18/00 16:27:33
My URL:http://na
My Email:na
Address:: P.O.Box6143 Fernandina Beach Fl 32035
Phone:: 904-321-0113
Group:: GND-Power
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1960-1963

Missed the reunion but will be at the next looking forward to it

Ed Goodhue - 08/17/00 23:44:49
My URL:http://www.telepath.com/mred/indexa.htm
My Email:mred@telepath.com
Address:: 3425 Royalwood Circle
Phone:: 405-6272257 cell
Group:: 20thTFW/PA
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1963 thru 1966

The site keeps getting better with time.Really great how this brings friends together like only yesterday. Great Site, as usual, Bob

Joseph (Joe) Bagley - 08/15/00 04:18:41
My Email:jbagley@inreach.com
Address:: 383 E. Century Blvd. Lodi, CA 95242
Phone:: (209) 367-3563
Group:: 20th FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: April 1959-May 1963

When I arrived at Wethersfield I was a very young seventeen (17). I spent my eighteenth (18th) birthday in a gambling casino in Tripoli, North Africa(TDY to Wheelus Air Base). By the time I was twenty-one I had been to every major capital in Europe. Ne d I say more!!! I was convinced that life in the Air Force would always be like life at Wethersfield. Not quite but I did go on to make the Air Force a career and retired in 1978 from active duty as a Regular Officer.

Don Wellman - 08/14/00 00:22:34
My Email:don1tex@aol.com
Address:: 11303 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, Tx. 78230
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1964-1967
Comments:: Food Service

It was the good ole days.

Ronald Haynes - 08/04/00 01:47:35
My URL:http://www.ronsmobilebbqcaterers.com
My Email:ronsbbq@aol.com
Address:: Clover, SC
Group:: 20th Transportation Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1964 - 1966


J T Lindler (Preacher) - 08/03/00 02:20:50
My Email:rijal@knology.net
Address:: N Charleston SC
Phone:: 843 552 2990
Group:: Base Flt T Birds
Dates stationed at RAFW:: oct 56 to may 60
Comments:: best times i ever had

if i could live part of my life over my time there would be it

"Little Chris" (Smith) Sebek - 08/02/00 16:57:22
My Email:csebek@hipweb.net
Address:: Houston Tx
Phone:: 713-465-6545
Group:: Chelmsford lass
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Wethersfield
Comments:: Left UK April 1963

How wonderful to have a website just for Wethersfield. Hopefully many an old friendship can be renwed. Thanks to Jo and Eli Granillo's hard work for more than 10 years trying to find some of us, I was fortunate enough to be at the reunion in Phoenix in June. It was incredible. I cannot wait until the next one! So many good friends were there and we are st ying in touch from now on. Thank you Bob for taking the time to set up this website.

Walter Ruzyla - 08/01/00 18:37:58
My Email:rosswa@nm-arng.ngb.army.mil
Address:: P.O.Box 29781, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87592
Phone:: 505-473-2792
Dates stationed at RAFW:: March 1967 - December 1970

Just stumbled upon this site - Its great! Arrived at Wethersfield after basic training/tech school at Amarillo AFB, Texas. Worked in the personnel office - mostly airman and officer records. Also was an augmentee for the Security Police Squadron. Chan ed my last name from "Ruzyla" to "Ross" about twenty years ago.

John A. Hopfer - 08/01/00 17:36:36
My Email:john@hopfer.fsnet.co.uk
Address:: PSC 41, Box 1922, APO AE 09464 E
Group:: 55 TFS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: July 65 thru July 68


Wayne Lee - 08/01/00 01:29:21
My Email:waymo@worldnet.att.net
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 11/58 11/60

I have enjoyed browsing the Wethersfield web site you have done a great job keep up the good work.

A1C Gary Stull - 07/26/00 04:21:43
My Email:thestulls@uswest.net
Address:: West Des Moines, IA.
Phone:: 515-225-7861
Group:: 20th A&E(weapons)
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1962-1965

Just found this, WOW!!!!! Enjoyed the pics. I'll do some looking through mine.

D.Y. Cole - 07/26/00 01:53:53
My Email:dycole@yahoo.com
Address:: 4514 Oak Grove Ct, San Angelo, Texas 76904
Phone:: (915) 944-9086
Group:: 20 SPS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: March 1964 - December 1968

anxious to hear from any of the "Ramp Rats" from the 20th SPS.........

Raymond D. Coffield - 07/25/00 22:06:50
My Email:CoffieldR@aol.com
Address:: 204 Trivalon Ct
Phone:: 757-596-1502
Group:: 20th Trans SQ & 20 Tac Fab Shop
Dates stationed at RAFW:: October 1962 - Oct 1966
Comments:: Great job on this page

I was first assigned to the 20th Transportation Sq in the fabric shop. I was then transfered to the 20th Tac Parachute, Dragchute, Fabric and Survival equipement shop as AIC. Left in 1966 for Vietnam.

ART "KNOBBY" WALSH - 07/25/00 16:20:39
Address:: 6213 E. 98 ST. TULSA,OK 74137-5020
Phone:: 918/299-6227
Group:: 1980-4 AACS DET.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: APRIL 52 TO 55


GLENDON W BOZMAN - 07/25/00 16:05:56
Address:: 1355 SCORPIOUS CT.M.I.,FL32953
Phone:: 321-452-4951
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 62-66


Una M Butler - 07/25/00 14:28:50
My Email:UnamsU@netscape.net
Address:: 529 Lakeview Dr., White Lake, MI.48386
Phone:: 1-248-698-3559
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1959 to 1963
Comments:: Call me

This has been the most exciting web page I have seen in along time. I can't wait to tell my ex husband about it. I hope he still has all his old Weathersfield photos. His name is Larry Paul Smith

- 07/24/00 04:22:47


David Schrey - 07/22/00 05:17:39
My Email:d_schrey@yahoo.com
Address:: Grand Island, NY
Group:: Dependent
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 66-68

I'd love to hear from anyone who may have known my dad (Lt/Capt Charles Schrey). I Have been looking for information which would indicate which specific aircraft was dad's, but none of our old photos have any captions pertaining to this. Any help would b greatly appreciated, TIA

Bernie Winograd - 07/22/00 03:56:14
My Email:winograd39@aol.com
Address:: 112 Gwen Dr. Unit C Forest Hill,Md. 21050
Phone:: 410-893-5860
Group:: 20th FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 05/58-07/60
Comments:: engine shop

This is great! Brings back a lot of memories.

JOHN A. SANNA JR. - 07/20/00 03:50:48
My Email:ToeH2o@AOL.COM
Address:: 3 MAPLE ST, BUZZARDS BAY, MA. 02532-3037
Phone:: 508-759-4559
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1959-1962


ken dutch - 07/07/00 01:57:30
My Email:dutch dutch@cybertours.com
Address:: 228 buffum rd, n. berwick. me
Phone:: 207 676 4074
Group:: 20th fld maint sq
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1967-1969


Richard "Dutch" Swarthout - 07/06/00 21:00:10
My Email:swarthor@tacom.army.mil
Address:: 27655 Lyndon, Livonia, MI 48154
Phone:: 734-367-0331
Group:: 2163 Comm Sqdn
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1963-65
Comments:: GCA Radar Repairman

I had a great time while stationed at Weathersfield. The comments on Nickle Nite, Braintree, and London bring back memories. Also, I lived at site 8, and the comments about living there bring back memories.

John R Carrell - 06/29/00 21:14:56
My Email:jrcarrellj@aol.com
Address:: 2929 Tower View Way
Phone:: 865 977 8626
Group:: 20th Supply Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 05/1962 to 01/06/66
Comments:: I worked in Priority & Expedite section.

I definitely remember nickel nights at the Airmen's Club and the many trips to the Douglas House in London. A great bunch of guys that i worked and drank with--Tex, Andy, Tom, Sam--just to name a few.

Tony Poston - 06/25/00 19:02:37
My Email:tonyposton@hotmail.com

great site realy gives insite into the life of a lost time that must hold lots of memorys for many people. May while here ask for help in the form of a serch for someone by the name of filipek who was posibly stationed at wethersfield in the late fiftys hen may of transfered to germany any info would be greatly recieved thank you tony

Win Downing - 06/19/00 19:10:35
My Email:winandcindy@mediaone.net
Address:: 3153 E Fremont Ave, Fresno, CA 93710
Phone:: (559) 297-7644
Group:: HQ 3AF, RAF South Ruslip
Dates stationed at RAFW:: None
Comments:: Worked NORS Control

While I was never stationed at the 20th, I supported the F-100s with many a part from all over the world. Great Site!!!

Scott Montgomery - 06/09/00 19:56:55
My Email:scott.montgomery@ps.net
Comments:: I went to leadership school - It's a really beautiful place and I enjoyed it immensely.


Fred C Elliott - 06/08/00 18:43:44
My Email:Blueslovr@aol.com
Address:: Charlotte NC
Group:: 20th AP Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 55-58

I was stationed at RAFW 55-58. Worked Town Patrol in Braintree and Chelmsford also Main Gate and Flight Line Patrol. I went TDY to Sculthorpe with the 55th when the RAFW runway was being extended. Met and married my wife while I was at RAFW. From ther I was transferred to Woodbridge (along with A. A. Jeffries) until I came stateside in 59. I would like to contact Robert Pelletiere (from Maine) if anyone can help. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at RAFW. I saw the first 4 F 100s land there. (One hit t e barrier when his drag chute deployed from the AC) I was patrolling the runway at the time and had a birds eye view. No injuries except to the Nose Wheel and some red faces. lol THANKS FOR DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB ON THIS WEB SITE. IT BINGS BACK A LOT F MEMORIES!!

Stanley Argall - 06/05/00 02:04:15
My Email:sjargall@iserv.net
Address:: 906 Rushmore St SW
Phone:: 616-457-0065
Group:: 55 TFS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Nov64-Oct68
Comments:: Great Daz

Nice to see this site I'll be checking it out.

Harry w. Day - 06/03/00 21:47:59
My Email:campcnton@gte.net
Address:: 30488 State Highway 64


Archie Mitchell - 06/03/00 03:04:47
My Email:amitc32738@aol.com
Address:: Santa Barbara, CA
Group:: 20th Supply Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: '66-'69
Comments:: "the good years"

USAFE Light-Heavyweight Champion Guard, TAckle, and defensive tackle (66-69) at RAF Wethersfielf

JEFFREY W. CROWELL MSGT-RET - 06/02/00 01:15:24
My Email:jwcrowell@worldnet.att.net
Address:: 210 GLENDA VIEW, LADSON, SC 29456
Phone:: (843)871-6897
Group:: 55th FBS, 20 PMS, 20 CAMRON, 55th TFS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: June1955-Oct 1959, June 1962-June 1966

Got to Wthersfield in 1955 as an A3C brand new jet fighter mechanic. Started out on the F-84Fs then transitioned to the F100D's and F-100Fs. Worked the hangar in Dock #1 under TSgt Earl Hartsell and Tsgt Bill Hanselman. Left there in '59 as an A1C, Came b ck in '62 as an A1c (SAC wasn't very good for promotions) and started out as Crew Chief on F100F 56-3898 in D Flight under Earl Crabtree, later on transferred to B Flight, Acft 55-3692 under Charlie Burkholder. Left Wethersfield in 1966 as a Tsgt. My wife and I returned in 1993 for a visit, and most of the old base is still there, except for the hospital, Site 1, 2, & 4. Could still see a few old barracks in site 6. On the Flightline end, the old tin flight shacks are gone, but all else is there. Note, Mus room Farms is history- a big field of grass. Base now belongs to the British Department of Defense and you cant get by the front gate, which is now up by the Chow Hall. Will be glad to hear from any of the old 55th crew.

Neil R Weekley - 05/31/00 00:56:57
My Email:Jno266@cs.com
Address:: 7220 west 13 th ave lakewood co 80215
Phone:: 303 232 1876
Group:: 20 FMS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: May 1964 - May 1967

Met My wife in Braintree,and have two boys,three grandkids with one more on the way.Was at wethersfield this Feb.cant get on of course.Went to the Dog Pub and had a beer for old times.Have good memories of the old place.I was at the FMS woodmill until I w nt to Vietnam,

Gerald Dierman - 05/26/00 03:33:52
My Email:g.dierman@worldnet.att.net
Address:: PO Box 330281 West Hartford, CT 06133
Phone:: 860-779-0379
Group:: 20th TAC Hospital
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1962-1965

What a trip. Remember the Dog. Great Pup. Does anybody remember the Ember Room? In my days we had a respectable base football team which I was the trainer for. Dr. Townsend of the Hospital later went on to work at the embassy in Thailand and made sev ral trips into Cambodia trying to find MIAs. Bob Aulie said it best about Site 8, don't step off of the steps. It really was rather spicy. Went back to see the old place a few years ago. Braintree has grown up. No longer a little market town. The Be l is still alive and doing well. Great site. Who is going to put on a get together. I am ready.......Regards to the 20th TAC.....F100s will live forever.

Richard Phipps - 05/21/00 00:06:45
My Email:rnphipps@mindspring.com
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1958-1961

My father (then TSGT. Stacy R. Phipps) was stationed at Wethersfield from 1958-1961. We lived in Mushroom Farms, just outside the base. Dad was in the 20th FMS and worked in the J57 Engine Shop. The pictures on your site brought back memories I have not had in 40 years. My father now lives in his hometown of Turkey, North Carolina. If any of you remember him, please reply.

Allen Brown - 05/15/00 02:03:07
My Email:arpkbrown@uswest.com
Address:: Cedar Rapids, Ia
Group:: 20th Air Police Sq.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Oct.63-Oct66


jerry burke - 05/12/00 21:14:37
My Email:stahard63@aol.com
Address:: indiana
Group:: det 1
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1980-1983

i would like to hear from anyone there when i was

David J McConnell - 05/09/00 06:58:51
My Email:NRDaveFord@Aol.Com
Group:: 20th TAC Hospital
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Nov62- Nov66


ernie bosley - 04/30/00 01:14:22
My Email:erbjr1@msc.net
Address:: 208 s. 6th st.
Group:: 55th TFS`
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Dec.68-Jan72

really enjoy this site.

Ken Fouse - 04/28/00 02:28:04
My Email:KFouse@aol.com
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1955 - 1958

Looking for Clem, an American Indian from OK.

Lynn (Rip) Van Winkle - 04/20/00 06:08:26
My Email:Catlen@earthlink.net
Address:: 32550 Haleblian Rd, Menifee CA 92584
Phone:: 909-679-1755
Group:: 20th TFW Security Police
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1966 to 1969

Like Richard Allen posted, would like to here from any of you that were on "D" Flight. Richard, I can't get your e-mail to work, so try to e-mail me...I was the first guy to drive a new Triumph TR6 on the base in 1966. That was a fun day when that new Triumph sportscar was delivered in Braintree. I had no problems with the 97 curves in the road between Braintree and the base in that car! I'm still a car nut today!

Ken Fouse - 04/12/00 04:13:08
My Email:KFouse@aol.com
Address:: 7051 W. South St. Westmoreland, NY 13490
Phone:: 315-853-2893
Group:: 55th Fighter Bomber Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Sep. 1955 to Sep 1958

I was a member of the 55th FBS from Sep 1955 until Sep 1958. I was assigned to Unit Supply. Went through the transition from F84's to F100's. We set the flying record of 1,938 hours and 58 minutes during a TDY trip to Nouassour, North Africa and were lat r presented an Air Force Unit Citation. Capt George (Bud)E. Day was a Flight Commander during the period. He went on to Vietnam where he was shot down and captured. He escaped from the POW camp and was later awarded the Congressional Metal of Honor for his heroics during the escape. Football was big between the bases and our coach was Doc Blanchard of the famous West Point Teams. The Major was assigned to the 20th FBW and flew with the 55th FBS. I was a charter member of the board of directors that started the Airmans Club. Did my best to support it also. I still have my 55th FBS and 20th FBW patches. They are a reminder of some great memories. I have retired from the military now with 12-1/2 years USAF, 4 years ANG and the remainder of my 35 years 8 months in the USAR Reserves.

- 04/12/00 03:36:38


Jim (Willie) Sutton - 04/11/00 13:00:35
My Email:willie1@dragonbbs.com
Address:: 18 S. Church St, Jamestown, Oh 45335
Phone:: 937-675-2955
Group:: Base Personnel
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Jan 1960-Jan63
Comments:: Great site, I will visit it often.

I was stationed at Wethersfield from Jan 60 - Jan 63. I enjoyed my tour of duty at Wethersfield. I worked at Base Personnel, Officer Records, and Personnel Finance Sect. I probably processed some of you guys travel vochers or processed you OER's. I al o played fast pitch softball, played on the Base Team for a year. I believe the diamon was out near the flight line if I'm not mistaken. Had an home away from home in London, went to the D-House almos every weekend. If any of you guys remember me I wou d like to hear from you. TSgt Jim Sutton (Retired)

Michael Piontek - 03/30/00 08:15:57
My Email:mikepk81@hotmail.com
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 12/67-04/70
Comments:: Great to see the old base

Good site for old times I was on the Base softball team. Enjoyed being in UK.

Larry Akers - 03/27/00 15:09:42
My Email:phantom@i-plus.net
Group:: 55th TFS
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Jan 68 thru Jan 71
Comments:: Crew Chief on F-100 56-3883


<Ernie Bosley - 03/27/00 04:37:22
My Email:erbjr1@msc.net
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Dec. 1968-Jan.1972

asst crewchief.as well as full crewchief on F100D 53-689. Moved withe 55 TFS to RAF UPPERFORD with the F111E's as crewchief on F111E 68-004. would like to contact Alvin E. Smith, jr. who was sqdn personnel clerk. Larry Akers and i were and still good friends while over there and still in contact.

Terry Donaldson - 03/15/00 03:23:24
My Email:TDonald36@aol.com
Address:: Upper Marlboro, MD
Group:: 1263 AACS, 2163 COMM
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Jan 61-Dec 63
Comments:: Brought back some old memories.

Got back to Wethersfield in 1978 on leave from Ramstein. It was not the same. Glad to see that someone took the base.

Danny Goss - 03/12/00 14:23:14
My Email:danny.goss@worldnet.att.net
Address:: 706 W. Oak St, Palmyra, PA 17078
Phone:: (717)0832-3438
Group:: Det 1, 10TRW/SP
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Aug 80 - Aug 82

RAF Wethersfield was one of my favorite assignments in my 20-year career. I was one of the 29 security policemen to arrive at RAF Wethersfield to take over law enforcement and security from the Ministry of Defense Police. I'd love to hear from anyone wh remembers me.

colin addington - 03/11/00 18:05:57
My Email:lee10@tinyworld.co.uk
Address:: 59 keeble way braintree essex england
Phone:: 01376 346365
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1961
Comments:: I was a decorator at the base

It is nice to go back and see how the old days were. I am trying to get in contact with a ralph livingstone who was a sergant at the 55th squadron, i was a great friend of his and have lost contact with him.i would love to here from him if anyone could he p me with my quest i would be very gratefull thank you.

Robert "Bob" Taylor - 03/11/00 07:56:10
My Email:taylor794@msn.com
Group:: 20th TAC Hospital
Dates stationed at RAFW:: May 68' to June 70'

The two years that I spent at Wethersfield were two of the best years of my life. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I have some pictures of the Base. I'll try to dig them up and get them scaned and sent in to you.

Theodis 'Ted " Davis - 03/10/00 21:25:36
My Email:t25davis@aol.com
Address:: 4084 Oak Hollow Ct Muskegon, Mi 49441
Phone:: 231-780-3392
Group:: 20th Security Police
Dates stationed at RAFW:: mar65 - oct67
Comments:: Great place to grow-up. Would like to hear from someone that might remember me.

I played football 65, 66, 67 we had apretty good team. But more importantly, had a lot of fun. Also, ran track.

Anthony R. Salazar - 02/28/00 23:00:29
My Email:r4bsalazar@AOL.com
Group:: Civil Engineer SQ
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1956/1957
Comments:: Choice Assignment

This is on my list of excellent assignments. We were all very close and united. I often look back at he pleasant memories I have from there. Other assignments were not nearly the same at all. Relationships from there were lasting and meaningful. The ootball games were just a lot of fun win or lose.

Joseph Silva - 02/20/00 02:43:39
My Email:bee54jay@aol.com
Group:: 20th air police
Dates stationed at RAFW:: -1954-56


Jon Gillam - 02/16/00 07:18:30
My Email:jgillam@ameritech.com
Address:: 870 E. Whipp Road, Centerville Ohio 45459
Phone:: 937-434-7791
Group:: 20th TAC Hospital
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Nov66 to Nov69

Great job in putting this together. The pictures bring back a lot of memories. Lt. Carhart and I started the Aero Club while we were stationed at Wethersfield. We ended up with three aircraft, 2-Cherokee 140's and 1-Mooney Ex 21. Sure had a lot of fun fly ng in England and Europe. Liked the pictures of Site 8. Will never forget the first time I saw the huts. Ran in to one of my old room mates a couple of years age, he is a Flathead Indian from Montana named Gary Acevedo. He's now a Tribal Judge on the rese vation. Have a number of photos of the base, have to find them and send copies.

John Smith - 02/15/00 03:33:12
My Email:jkeljon@aol.com
Address:: 7333 S. 70th E. Ave, Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone:: 918-493-6145
Group:: 20th Hq Sq, Wing Budget Office
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1959 - 1963

The photo of the Base Theater caught my attention. I worked in the little hut next to the theater from 59 to 63. The Finance office is to the right of the hut, and the Education office is behind it. Was it really 40 years ago?

Frank Johnson - 02/06/00 14:37:52
My Email:fjohn102@iu.net
Address:: 4255 Wood Haven Dr Melbourne, FL 32935
Phone:: 321-2534811
Group:: 7520 AD Sq
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 01-16-1956 to10-18-1956
Comments:: I think my time at Wethersfield was the best duty I ever had in my 22 years of service.

I was in food service at the time and remember serving at a remote radio site in the Braintree area. I have been back to Wethersfield once about ten years ago and had an enjoyable meeting with former english friends. Frank J

Dan/Janet Sorensen - 02/04/00 21:03:03
My Email:dsorens@uswest.net
Address:: 492 W 180 N Clearfield Ut 84015
Group:: Security Police
Dates stationed at RAFW:: July 71 - Feb 75

Memories. Looking through the guest list I noticed the name of William Caron, first flight chief I had in England. Married Janet in Braintree over 26 years ago. Have been stationed in Woodbridge and Bentwaters from 85 - 89. I still get homesick. I go back to visit every 3 years if I can. Hope to hear from some folks I knew back at Wethersfield. I spent some great hours in the Yee Old Nosebag Restaurant/Pub in Finchenfield.

Ronald Hendershot - 02/01/00 02:16:14
My Email:rhenshot@hsonline.net
Address:: Columbus ,Indiana
Phone:: 812.342.7553
Group:: 819th CESHR
Dates stationed at RAFW:: DEC'85 to JUN'87

This web site brought back alot of memories and would like to talk about these memories with those who were stationed at RAF Wethersfield the same time that I was there. GO REDHORSE!

Paul Whiteman - 01/27/00 17:00:25
My Email:rpwhiteman@hotmail.com
Group:: 819th RHCES
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Oct '87 - Sep '90

A very enjoyable web site. It brought back many good memories of the time I spent there.

Ed Zawora - 01/21/00 00:45:37
My Email:zed1741@postoffice.ptd.net
Address:: Birdsboro,Pa
Phone:: (610)582-1741
Group:: 20th FMS,AGE Shop
Dates stationed at RAFW:: (TDY)1963
Comments:: Did a tdy there in the summer of 63,I worked for Sgt.Brevik out at the bomb dolly shop.Have some pictures of Zoellner,Bunny,Smokey,and the guys from a weekend in London.Lots of memories in the pictures on here.Great site Bob.Did lots of appy hours in the club,and a few visits from the AP'S.


Gary Battell - 01/19/00 18:06:06
My Email:gary.battell@newscientist.net
Address:: 'Bergels', Fiske Pightle, Willisham, Ipswich, UK, IP8 4SN
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1955 - 1956
Comments:: Did anyone know or know James Turner (A/2C)?

I would like to hear from anyone who knew or knows James Turner (A/2C) who was stationed at RAF Wethersfield between 1955 - 1956.

Jim Foster - 01/17/00 01:55:32
My URL:http://compuserve.com
My Email:Geraldinefoster@cs.com
Address:: hilo 96720
Group:: 10th tac
Dates stationed at RAFW:: raf alconbury

looking for 64-67 ,boxing,football,stuff all uk teams

Ron Turpin - 01/11/00 05:15:03
My Email:Ron_Turpn@mindspring.com
Address:: Oak Ridge, TN
Phone:: 865-483-9465
Group:: 20th CAMRON -Fire Control
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1962-1964
Comments:: Also stationed at Woodbridge

Tjis is a great website. Brings back a lot of old memories.

Stu Lind - 01/06/00 21:53:30
My Email:hawgrider@aol.com
Address:: Tucson, AZ
Group:: 20th Supply Sq.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 69-70

Your site brings back fond memories of my short stint at Wethersfield. I can still remember taking the train from Braintree to London on Friday afternoons along with all the great times in The Airmen's Annex on Wednesday nights.

Jim & Maryann Jenks - 01/06/00 01:29:52
My Email:jimjenks@mediaone.net
Address:: 53 Clover Hill Dr. Feeding Hills, MA 01030
Phone:: (413)786-0857
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1972-1975

Great website. Would like to be in contact with anyone from there or anyone from the Air Force during our stay there.

Jim Jenks - 01/06/00 00:50:26
My Email:jimjenks@home.com
Address:: Canton, CT
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 8/72-7/75

My father, MSgt. James S. Jenks, was stationed at RAF Wethersfield and I attended school there. Would love to hear from others in the same timeframe.

Virgil Cox Jr. - 12/31/99 01:37:48
My Email:vcox@iland.net
Group:: 66th Combat Support Squadron
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1972-1977

Would like to hear from the old airman (Officers and Enlisted) who were assigned with me during that period.

William D. Jackson - 12/24/99 04:02:35
My Email:donjudyjackson@juno.com
Address:: p.o. box 56 , Sabetha,ks.66534
Phone:: 785-284-3575
Group:: 20th Field Maint.
Dates stationed at RAFW:: June 60 - Dec. 62
Comments:: Thanks, Bob, for the site.


Ronald Nicosia - 12/23/99 18:17:30
My Email:Rnixi@aol.com
Address:: 86-45 253 Street, Bellerose, NY 11426
Phone:: 718 343 3914
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1962 -1964

My tour with the USAF and time at Wethersfield opened my eyes, mind and heart to learn more about the world. After Wethersfield I worked my way through college and earned my Masters Degree in International Business Management from the American Graduate Sc ool of International Management in Glendale, Arizona. In 1980 the DOD sent me to London to open up the first US Naval Contract Administration office in Europe. That tour lasted 3 years. During that time I meet my wife, a beautiful model in London. We ma ried in 1983 and moved to San Francisco, then on to Maryland, then to upstate NY. In 1989, we moved to Oxford England. While in England I had some very interesting work including drafting and negotiating marketing contracts for Eurotunnel and writing and negotiating undersea fiber optic cable contracts for Cable & Wireless. That job was a ton of fum taking me all over Europe England and Ireland. I was there until December 1998 when Jill and I were divorced. I am now back in the States, working in Marylan . But I do not have a permanent address as yet. But I can always be reached at my home address in NY. My traveling days are not over and my next job will be taking me back to Europe on business trips a few times a year.

Ron Rhea - 12/21/99 03:56:11
My Email:rhea@icx.net
Address:: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Phone:: 865 483-5808
Group:: Weapons Maintenance
Dates stationed at RAFW:: Nov62 - Nov64

This site brings back old memories. I spent many hours tending to the old sleds in the PE hanger. I found old friends I haven't seen since 1964 and a picture of my wife in the picture section. This site is great.

Jayne Larham - 12/14/99 03:46:24
My Email:Bubblz31@yahoo.com
Dates stationed at RAFW:: 1989-91?
Comments:: Looking for an old friend ...

Andrew Maskell ... aka Drew or Mr Juicy ...write me if u see me, would love to get back in touch! Now in the USA, no longer in UK ...

Dan Hagerty - 12/14/99 02:47:32
My Email:vettedan@worldnet.att.net

Nice web page Bob.

Dick Payne - 12/02/99 23:08:32
My Email:rpayne@sidney.heartland.net
Address:: P.O. Box 501 Sidney, Iowa---51652
Group where you worked:: 20th Hq. Sq.----Base Billeting Office

First off, Bob, what a super, super job......I can honestly say that your site is one of the most exciting and touching discoveries that I've experienced on the puter so far.......The pictures and information about the old "Patch" brought back many memori s of, both, on and off base......The war alert sirens, the alerts themselves, the many inspections, visits by V.I.P.'s, etc. sure ain't some of my fondest memories, but 90%+ were............Thanks much Bob for your time, hard work and concern for fellow v ts..............I was stationed at Wethersfield from 1966 to 1969 and worked at the Billeting Office for all three years......I worked night shift for the first two years and changed to days after becoming NCOIC of the section for my last year......After serving my time in the huts" as a new arrival, I then lived in Barracks 1028---room 452 which was the "hangout" for that end of the upper floor....My office was located in the BOQ which enabled me to become friends with some of the Officers that lived on ase as well as the Dependent School Teachers who lived on the second floor of the BOQ.......Hey, if anyone out there remembers me please get in touch cause I'd love to hear from any of my "Patch Pals" as well as any of my great English friends........May AF Wethersfield live on forever!!!!!!!!!!!

Allen Curtis - 12/01/99 05:38:27
My Email:leecurtis@uswest.net
Address:: 1161 West Midvalley Cir.
Phone: < I'm Deaf; sorry >
Group where you worked:: Welding Shop; 20th FMS Squadron

I'm honored to have served; to have been a part of my fellow Airman and Women that have, throughout history, made the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing the best! I served at RAF Wethersfield from Jan 61 to Jan 64. I can still remember when I would light a weld ng torch and stick it in the spine of an F-100 to solder another sick EGC Cannon plug back together, I'd always get the same response from fire crews. I'd asked them why they sat there in full suits and shut doors. Their reply .....your one crazy Son-bi ch Al. I considered that the best compliment of my life. I really miss ya all! Keep a stiff upper lip! (Wackey) Al Curtis

Virgil Cox - 11/30/99 02:55:45
My URL:http://vcox@iland.net
My Email:vcox@iland.net
Address:: 629 Poplar Drive, Windsor, MO. 65360
Phone: (660 647-5663
Group where you worked:: 66th Combat Support Squadron

Like to make contact with anyone that I've may have been assigned with between the years of June 1972 through July 1977.

Frank Johnson - 11/30/99 00:37:39
My Email:fjohn102@iu.net
Address:: 4255 Wood Haven Dr, Melbourne, FL 32935
Phone: 321-2534811
Group where you worked:: Chow hall

I crossed trained into jet engines 2 years after I left and went back stateside in 1956. Frank J

Bob Manske - 11/28/99 02:54:30
My Email:manske@madison.tds.net
Group where you worked:: 1263 AACS, 2163 Comm

Mar 1961-Mar 1964. GCA air traffic controller. The mess hall may not have done well on inspections, but it had the best SOS I ever had. Midnight chow was great! You've got a great site. Thanks a lot.

Barbara Williams - 11/27/99 20:40:04
My Email:Blokebar2@aol.com
Address:: 852 Navajo Lane Las Vegas Nevada 89110
Phone: 702-438-9711
Group where you worked:: Dependent wife of L,A.Williams (zeke)

Would like to contact any friends from the days of the Douglas House in the 60s to football games at Upper Heyford.Remember how they would be playing Soul Train?

Bill Love - 11/26/99 22:00:19
Phone: 972-264-1781
Group where you worked:: 20TH A&E


Gerald H. Shirley - 11/23/99 03:50:08
My Email:Pateral@cs.com
Address:: 25211 E. 64th St
Phone: 918 357 1504
Group where you worked:: Basops

One of the best outrs I ever spent. Sas Airborn Radio Operator, Flying on C-47 Aircraft at RAF Wethersfield.July 1959 to July 1963.

Tom Hinson - 11/22/99 01:45:00
My URL:http://www.orlandosanfordairport.com
My Email:hinson@orlandosanfordairport.com
Address:: 1 Red Cleveland Blvd, Sanford Fl. 32772
Phone: 407-328-7656
Group where you worked:: CES, Fire Dept

Was one of the last to arrive at Wethersfield before it was closed down. Arrived from Chanute AFB Il. Was Assistant Chief on "A" shift. Lived in base housing and found it very nice. Wethersfield had a championship fast pitch softball team at that time wit a pitcher named Jack Holum. Had great times at the club. Fire Dept duty was good, due to no assigned aircraft, but did have them when other bases had work done on their flightlines. The trips to Alconbury and Lakenheath for essentials, like food and me icine, made it a unique assignment. Was really enjoyed by all, during the time I was there had a real hot spell in the U.K. even turned off the fountains at Trefalger Square. Had to leave there due to reduction in forces and ended up in Zaragoza Spain to finish up my tour.

Herb Harper - 11/20/99 01:23:49
My URL:http:/members.aol.com/BOMBGRP98/index.html
My Email:BOMBGRP98@aol.com
Address:: Georgetown, TN.
Group where you worked:: 320th MMS-Weapons NCOIC

Assigned to Wethersfield from UBON, Thailand in Nov. 1967. Assigned to MMS Weapons Release Maintenance Shop. Col. Apgar was CO at the time. Lived in Haverhill and passed through Finchingfield most every day. Stayed until retirement in 1970 after 22 years f active duty. This was my third assignment in the UK. I had been at RAF Skulthorp and Burtonwood before. Wife is from Liverpool. I had served in F-100s at Itazuke, Japan in the early 60s. B-29s at Yokota, Japan during the Korean Conflict. ( hense 98th Bo b Group. I am historian of their veterans Association)Other overseas assignment, Erding Air Base Germany, during the occupation. This Site sure kindles old memories, and I thank every one who has contributed to it.

Wes Britt - 11/19/99 23:33:00
My Email:britt@zianet.com
Group where you worked:: 20th FMS

A pleasant surprise for this retiree. It brought back many pleasant memories of the years I spent at Wethersfield. Sept. 1961 - Oct. 1964. I worked out of the J57 Engine shop. I worked mainly flight line. I ran the trim pad mostly. I still have close cont ct with several old friends from that time. I revisited Wethersfield back in the early 1970s. Mushroom farms was still there. I lived in Saffron Waldron at first then moved to Castle Hedingham. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour there, except for the "Ra ors Edge" alerts. Cheers All.

Hank Sauer - 11/19/99 22:30:14
My URL:www.aacsalumni.com
My Email:DirAACS@aol.com
Address:: Oak Ridge, Tenn
Phone: 865-482-3013
Group where you worked:: 2163rd Comm Sq

Enjoyed the site. Was stationed there 64-67. Ran the Telephone and other comm functions. Worked in the NCO club when Toney Kelly (sec police) was head bartender...was back to visit the "Patch" in 69 and looking at the pictures sure brings back good memo ies. Was at the Pentagon when Gen (Col) Ernie Craig retired..due to other committments did not get to see him, but left him a note, "from all the EM at the patch, that while the AF was losing a 2 star, they also lost the best "Wing Commander" the AF ever had. Retired as a Chief in 75...Recently saw Bill Butts who played running back on the UK championship teams in 65 and 66 (wont talk about what Weisbaden did to us)...

Milt Hussey - 11/19/99 21:37:33
My Email:skeggy1@aol.com
Address:: 10043 Aztec Village,San Antonio, Tx.78245-1156
Phone: 210-647-8069
Group where you worked:: 20th Tac Hosp.(ER)

Medic from 1959-1963,loved it ,would have extended for even longer,If I could have. Lived in Wethersfield. Wife from Skegness,Lincs. Great site..

Jay Irish SMSGT RET - 11/18/99 20:45:52
My Email:jayirish@yahoo.com
Address:: Fort Worth, Texas
Group where you worked:: 20 FMS, 79 TFS

Great site! I was stationed at Wethersfield from 56-58 and at Woodbridge 58-59. I worked in Fire Control (Radar) and was a loading team augmentee. I just got back from a vacation over there and I visited Finchingfield and Wethersfield village. The wife ha a reunion with some old school chums from 45 years ago (she's from Chelmsford). This reunion came as a result of her running into a classmate 5 years ago in Vicksburg, Mississippi (small world). All the best.

Steve Churchill - 11/12/99 04:12:47
My URL:http://home.carolina.rr.com/churchill/
My Email:scchurchill@carolina.rr.com
Address:: Charlotte, NC
Group where you worked:: 55th TFS Weapons Shop

You've done a great job with your site. I was at Wethersfield from Oct '66 - Oct '69. I went from A3C to SSGT there. It was my only PCS base since I got an early out in '69 (30 years ago). It was one of the best 3-years of my life. If it's ok with you, I'd like to put a link on my site to yours. I'll also include a mention of your site in my Christmas Cards this year to the guys from the 55th who I've stayed in touch with. By the way, the 20th TFW is now stationed at Shaw AFB, SC. A number of us from the 55th Weapons Shop are planning a reunion there next summer during "ShawFest". In case your are interested in finding out what the 20th has been up to, their url is http://www.shaw.af.mil/20fw/20fwmain.html Thanks again for building your site. Steve

MSgt (Ret) Shannon W. Sherrow - 11/10/99 23:49:39
My Email:HabuWag@juno.com
Group where you worked:: TDY

Very nice web site. The accompanying photos brought back several memories. I started my Air Force career a few miles up the road at RAF Alconbury in Feb., 1962. We had the "screaming shitcans" (RB-66) the only association we had with you folks was during ootball season. The boresight range at Wheelus brought back memories as our barracks in Tigertown was across the street from the boresight range. I recall several times awaking with a bad hangover as your weapons folks decided 6AM was a good to fire off a burst!! Spent 41 glorious months at Alconbury. My next association with Wethersfield occurred in 1976. I was then assigned at Beale AFB with the 9th SRW. We were tasked with a joint mission (U2 and SR-71) to Mildenhall but were billeted at Wethersfield fo security purposes. We bunked in the "new barracks" and were transported back and forth from Mildenhall in Gray Line buses. In those days, the base was only used as a tank farm, base housing and OSI site. Thank goodness the NCO club was still in operation and the Class 6 opened on a limited basis. Spent several pub calls in Finchingfield and Great Bardfield. Thanks for the memories. Shannon Sherrow aka "Wag"

Robert I. Bond - 11/10/99 03:43:31
My Email:rib2053@ibm.net
Address:: 2053 N. Maple St., Mesa, AZ 85215
Phone: 480-854-7754
Group where you worked:: 77th TFS

I was in 77th from October 62 to Oct 65 and it was the best assignment I had in 30 years in the Air Force!.

G D Monroe - 11/09/99 05:21:44
My Email:gdmonroe@earthlink.net
Address:: P O B 533, Ft Walton Bch, FL 32549
Group where you worked:: 77, 55, Wing

Excellent piece of work!

EMMITT MICHAEL GREEN - 11/07/99 01:49:55
My Email:xelle4u@aol.com

Trying to locate Emmitt Michael Green, who was stationed at RAF Wethersfield around 1959/60. I believe he may have worked in the Fire Dept, and played in a jazz band that appeared on BBC "Opportunity Knocks" I would appreciate any information that you are able to forward to me. Kind regards, Cherylann.

Frederic R. Ehrlich - 11/04/99 06:18:15
My Email:fehrlich@worldnet.net

Thanks for putting up the site. It is inspiring to those of us who have not ventured into this ourselves.

Chuck Jones - 11/02/99 02:10:44
My Email:chuck1j@hotmail.com
Address:: Panama City, FL
Phone: 850-871-3442
Group where you worked:: 77th TFS-Flt line & hangar

Chuck & Jenny Jones. A2C two stripes, A1C three stripes, Sgt three stripes - 1966-1968. Enjoyed our time at Wethersfield. Jenny is from Braintree, but we haven't been back since 1996. Lots of things changed, some still the same. Have some local contacts, nd lots of photos, movies, and slides. Two kids, one while at Wethersfield, one while at Alconbury in 1971. 12 years in the UK. Would have loved owning a pub, but never could swing it! Great site, lots of memories. We'll be glad to share, photos, memories chats.

WAYNE K HUBER,MSGT. RETIRED - 10/29/99 19:27:47
My URL:http://huberwd.@msn.com
My Email:huberwd. @msn.com
Address:: 2075 juniper drive, biloxi, ms. 39532
Phone: 228-388-9187
Group where you worked:: RAF BENTWATERS & RAF MILDENHALL Jan 1982- Aug 1990

Never stationed at Wethersfield, but I was TDY there twice. The 1st time in May-June 1983 to attend NCOLS that was located there at time. TDY again May-June 1989 while attending a Supply Supervisor Course taught by a travelling TDY instructor. Both times njoyed the nearby countryside, especially the villages such as Finchingfield and the WHITEHEART Pub in another village. Weekend nights at NCO club were fun also-Lots of local girls there! Generally just overall enjoyed layed-back atmosphere both on-base a d off.Scenery nearby great too!

Jimmy W. Barbee - 10/25/99 23:13:47
My Email:jwb@bsc.net
Address:: Crestview, Fl

Thanks for the invitation to sign your great Guestbook. I was never station at RAF Wethersfield but went there on numerous tdys to work on Comm equipment in the Command Post and at the Wing Commander's Office. My duty stations were 1959-1962 RAF Chelves on; 1965-1966, RAF Alconbury and 1966-1968 High Wycombe AS. May 1998 my Wife and I returned to Wellingborough, Northants to visit close and dear friends. Had been thirty (3) years since leaving England in 1968. Major and tremendous changes were noted, b t they still drive on the wrong side of the road. It was a great pleasure to return. Jimmy and Bettye Barbee, Crestview, Fl

Dave Meade, MSgt. Ret. - 10/25/99 17:23:10
My Email:djbmmeade@cyberriver.net
Address:: Box 153, Varney, WV 25696
Phone: 304 426 8165
Group where you worked:: Fire Depts-Greenham Common, Woodbridge UK

Referred to this site by friend. Very nice and informative. Never stationed at Weathersfield, but did visit a few times while stationed in England. Keep up the good work for us old Retirees.

William Caron - 10/23/99 20:16:14
My Email:billcaron@cyberdude.com
Address:: 305 East St. Clinton Ma 01510
Phone: 978-365-3651
Group where you worked:: 66th Combat Support Grp Security Police

I was stationed at RAF Wethersfield from Oct 70 to Aug 72. I was shipped over from Bien Hoa Vietnam and "WoW" talk about culture shock. I was trained as a heavy weapons specialist (mortars,recoiless rifles,gunnery and fire direction control) by the army. was really a "Grunt" but when I reached England I was made a Law Enforcement Flight Chief. They just couldn't understand why I wanted a V100 Commando Car instead of a squad car! Because of a severe hearing loss (mortars) I was released from the SP's and ade NCOIC of Housing Supply for the last eight months of my tour. Had a lot of fun at the Fox Pub. Hope to hear from anyone I was stationed with.

Wayne C. Beach - 10/21/99 19:03:36
My Email:djshawn@snet.net
Address:: 92 Prospect St. Colchester, CT 06415-1407
Phone: (860)537-4192
Group where you worked:: 55TFS Phase Maintenance & Flightline

I was stationed at RAF Wethersfield from April 1963 until Oct 1966. I started in the Phase Docks, transfering to Post Dock before being sent to the flightline as a crew chief. I made numerous TDYs from Bergen Norway to Wheelus, Tripoli North Africa and In rilik AB Turkey. I retired from active duty as an E-8 June 30, 1999 after 33+ years of total time. What a wonderful web site you have here...

Bill Polowitzer - 10/20/99 20:08:53
My Email:Wepolo@Aol.Com
Address:: East Hartford Connecticut
Phone: 860-289-0686
Group where you worked:: Base Personnel

Got to Weathersfield 1958 Worked in Base Personnel Took care of Airmans Performance Reports Went with the On Target Show 1960. My wife and I go back to England once a year. Weathersfield is no more. Its a Brit Police training center. Went to Finchingfiel had lunch at the Red Lion on the hill coming from the base anyone who wants to stay in touch call me

Karl Foltz - 10/15/99 20:07:14
My Email:kfoltz@home.com
Address:: 229 Bond Ave, Reisterstown, MD 21136
Phone: 410-833-7236
Group where you worked:: Weather Tower by Base Ops

Stationed there from March 1969 until they started to close it in late 1970. Friends included Ron Culyer (now deceased), Greg Hoffman, Jimmy Hake, Jim Widener, Carlos Mohundro, George Feichthaler, Tom Sparhawk. I love to see Wethersfield and Braintree. Thanks!

Christina Welch - 10/12/99 23:08:57
My Email:welch_christina@hotmail.com
Address:: 775 Scirocco Dr Yuba City CA 95991
Group where you worked:: dependent

My dad was stationed there from Aug 1975- Aug1978, he worked OSI. I loved it there and still keep in touch with 2 of the girls I was friends with. We all went on to follow in our Fathers footsteps. I'm the only one whose stayed (well almost (18))20 yea s. Would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Looking for Suzzane Charleston (Edward father in com sqdrn) and a John Otero admin type for OSI from 1977-78 and went to Nellis. Thanks

Robert Christopher - 10/10/99 16:21:58
My Email:siteless@txucom.net
Group where you worked:: com squadron

I was stationed at Weathersfield 1969 thru 1973.

Gary Christopher - 10/09/99 22:39:05
My Email:avionicguy@crawdat.com
Address:: 212 7th St. S. Columbus, MS,39701
Group where you worked:: dependent

Marvelous site which brought back fond memories of one of my favorite places. Lived there '69-'71 and visited often when I was stationed at Mildenhall '82-'88. Last visited in '91 as the final closure took place. Thanks for all the hard work that went nto the website.

Vickie Sokol - 10/06/99 12:19:09
My URL:http://www.vickiesokol.com
My Email:vickie@vickiesokol.com
Address:: Austin, TX
Group where you worked:: My job was an Air Force Brat - and a darn good one!! :-)

My Dad (Donald H. Sokol) was stationed at Wethersfield in the late 70s. He retired the summer of 78 and moved us all to Austin, Tx where we have lived ever since. I want to encourage him to get on the 'net and I thought finding his old buddies would help. And I would LOVE to get it contact with any of my friends from my 3rd grade class. So if you recognize our name, please contact us. Thanks!!

Greg Pitlock - 10/06/99 06:55:01
My Email:gpitlock@yahoo.com
Address:: 1917 Lyon Ave, Belmont California
Phone: 650.594.1487
Group where you worked:: Security Police

I was stationed at RAFW from March 1975 to July 1976. It was an interesting place to be. No aircraft then U-2's. Been back twice and looking forward to going back again.

Ralph Reed - 10/02/99 01:18:54
My URL:http://members.aol.com/rreed10910/rescue.html
My Email:RReed10910@aol.com
Address:: Houston, Texas
Phone: 281-398-8742
Group where you worked:: Crash Rescue/Fire Department

Stationed at RAF Wethersfield from Jan 67 to Jan 69. Was in the 20th Civil Engineers in the Fire Department on the flight line with crash rescue. Remember the old quansant huts with the oil burning heaters down the middle. Great times. Also lived off base in Braintree.

steven covington - 09/29/99 09:45:07
My Email:chowhound1@hotmail.com
Address:: 18882 sw victoria lane aloha oregon 97006
Phone: 503-274-6969
Group where you worked:: RAF Upper Heyford/SP/K-9

I was stationed at heyford from may 70-74-76-79-then fairford79-81.tdy to woodbridge in 85 %87 then lived in saffron walden 91-95. i helped moved the k9 section from weathersfield to heyford. did anyone know walin b cox or aka bucket head cox a sp flightc ief. loveds it over there. spent a total of 12 years there

Troy Dobbs - 09/12/99 16:28:36
My Email:nmtex@aol.com
Address:: 2378 Green Lake Rd, Rio Rancho , NM 87124
Phone: 505-892-2062
Group where you worked:: 320 MMS, maintenance shop

May 1967-May 1970, Lived on site 8 for 6 mo then into NCO bks. Lived in Braintree and Saffron Walden. Loved England and the English people. Will return in Oct 99 to conference at Lakenheath. My Son, Steven Dobbs, was also in the 20th at RAF Upper Heyf rd, from 91 to 93.

Ed Goodhue - 09/07/99 19:19:24
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/picketfence/5264
My Email:mred@telepath.com
Address:: 3425 Royalwood Circle, Del City, OK 73115-1745
Phone: 405-627-2257 cell;405-677-9993 hm
Group where you worked:: 20th Info- Base Photo Lab

1963 to 1966:This goes way back- first assignment as photographer, and loved it. have some pics of back then- some of historical value-will scan and send. Will buzz some others, too.Was also cartoonist- Messing Up Weatherspatch. Anybody heard from Frank P gani lately? Home page way under construction. . .

Dick Larsen - 09/07/99 15:00:12
My Email:larsen@micron.net
Address:: Idaho
Group where you worked:: 20th Combat Support Group

Stationed at RAFW from Feb 62 - Aug 65. Worked as a photographer at the base photo lab and with the Wingman. Have been back twice, last in May 99. The base is now a Royal Air Force Military Police Training Base but the area is almost unchanged. I too reme ber (a bit vaguely)the Nickle Nights, the bus loads of English girls and midnight chow at the chow hall. I spent 20 years in the Air Force but always have the fondest memories of good old Weatherspatch.

Duane Eyman - 08/16/99 04:30:18
My Email:w0xm@paola-online.net
Address:: 29048 SE 1200 Road Garnett,Ks 66032
Phone: 913-898-4695
Group where you worked:: Base Ops

Airborne Radio Operator.Served at Wxfield 60-63.A good assignment.Active in Base MARS(w0xm).Lived in a thatched roof cottage first year then on base.Great bunch of guys that I worked with...Gerald Shirley...Alex Harvella...Frank Dillingham...Willmot...and so on.In contact with Shirley and Dillingham.

Steve Smith - 08/15/99 03:57:55
My Email:quill.nz@pcombo.co.nz
Address:: Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: __64-9-273-2240
Group where you worked:: 20th Supply Sqnd.

Really great to find this site. I was stationed at Wethersfield from Feb 1966 to Feb 1969 and had a ball. Anyone out there who remembers me please do get in contact. I have lived in Auckland sence 1971 and often think back to my Air Force days at Wethersf eld, hope to make a return visit someday soon.

C.P. Vining - 08/14/99 02:03:20
My Email:cvining@lexcominc.net
Address:: 460 Foxcroft Dr. Lexington NC 27292
Phone: (336) 357-5414
Group where you worked:: Motorpool

I was at weathersfield from 1955- 1958 I am looking for old comrads.

Bob Michell - 08/12/99 06:58:36
My Email:firehse1@firehse1@cfl.rr.com
Address:: 4524 Gasparilla Ave, Orlando, FL. 32812
Phone: 407-823-9990
Group where you worked:: 20th C.E.S.Sq (Fire Department) Dec 1961-Dec 1965

Great site. Been a long time. Have been back recently. RAF Police are using part of the base. Have some pictures and will send them.

Gerald H. Shirley - 08/11/99 23:30:12
My Email:Paterald@cs.com
Address:: 25211 E. 64th Street Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Phone: 918-357-1504
Group where you worked:: 20th FMS & 20th Combat Supp

I arrived at RAF Wethersfield in July 59 and departed July 63. i arrived as an aircraft Instrument repairmam and because of my past background as a Radio Operator, i cross trained into Airborne Radio communications in May 1960. I have a picture of one of the C-47 aircraft that I flew on as a crew member.

Roy A Watson - 08/10/99 03:03:05
My Email:RWatson161@aol.com
Address:: Junction City, KS
Phone: 785-762-4145
Group where you worked:: 20th Supply Sqdn

Bob, an excellent site and brought back many memories as I was stationed at RAF WETHERSFIELD from Apr 1957 to Aug 1961. This period has many memories for me as I was married to an English lass from St Helens, Lancs. My only child was born in The Hospital in Chelmsford and we lived in the village of Finchingfield from 1958 to 1961. I'm sure we have many pictures of The 20th TBW and the local area which we can scan and send to you. Again a great site.

Mike Coleman (Schulzke) - 08/07/99 11:04:06
My Email:mpc4jul96@aol.com
Address:: 7409 Third Ave. NW Bradenton, Fl. 34209
Phone: 941 792 4821
Group where you worked:: Photo Shop - Information Office

Robert, Your site is fantastic, and truly brought back a lot of memories. The quonset hut shot showed the one I lived in between '65 & '68. I used the name Airmen Schulzke then, was a photographer, and might even be able to dig up some old photos, which I will Mail to you, providing I can find them on my next trip to storage. Please keep up the great page.

Rich Stover - 08/06/99 11:49:41
My Email:rstover9@home.com
Address:: 2332 McClellan Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34239
Phone: (941) 951-6784
Group where you worked:: Personnel-Assignment Section

At Wethersfield from 4/67-7/70. Also worked at the Base Recreation Center. Now busy selling real estate in Sarasota. Would love to hear from old friends. I still treasure all the memories.

ernie bushong - 07/28/99 03:09:02
My Email:cen51317@ptinet.net

I enjoyed your site and the pictures brought back a lot of memories of my time spent in England, I was stationed at lakenheath in the 48th transon. Have tried to locate a site on Lakenheath but no luck yet.. I married a girl from Bury St Edmunds in 1960 nd we are still happily together.. AGAIN I repeat youir site is great.. Ernie

Warren Lewis - 07/27/99 10:03:52
My Email:wlewis@ebmail.gdeb.com
Phone: Work Phone 860-437-5290
Group where you worked:: Supply Squadron, Item Accounting Section, Document Control. I was stationed at Wethersfield from Feb 1966 - Feb 1970.

Great web site, brought back quite a few memories. Somewhere I have a bunch of slides that I took of RAF Wethersfield - if I can only find them.

Richard N. Allen - 07/24/99 20:51:15
My Email:richarda@ebankperry.net
Address:: 15600 County Rd 20, Billings OK 74630-2052
Group where you worked:: Security Police

I would enjoy receiving e-mail from anyone assigned to "D" Flight between Jul 1966 to Jul 1969.

Jim Tansey - 07/19/99 19:26:29
My URL:http://personal.riverusers.com/~tanseyj
My Email:tanseyj@theriver.com
Group where you worked:: RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge

Enjoyed your site. Liked the pictures. Keep it going and interesting. Cheers

Larry A.Culbertson - 07/19/99 14:15:08
My Email:austin2@gte.net
Address:: Erie,PA
Group where you worked:: AIR POLICE SQUADRON


Bob Eller - 07/12/99 05:06:38
My Email:bobeller@earthlink.net
Address:: Sacramento, CA
Group where you worked:: Information Office

May 1969 to February 1970 Wethersfield was my first and favorite assignment! I was co-editor of the Wingman during this period (thanks for the clips). I still remember the New Years Eve party we threw outside the base to celebrate the arrival of 1970. Perhaps this is why the 20th got moved out

Robert Aulie - 07/10/99 17:16:40
My Email:www.robaulie@aol.com
Address:: P.O. Box 135 Danielson, CT. 06239
Phone: 860-774-4242
Group where you worked:: 20th TAC Hospital

Medic(Pharmacy)1961 to 1964. Lived in site 8 for the whole time. The showers were cold, our stove never blew up and you learned to never step to the side of the door when leaving a hut (lot of spice mud there). In three years never missed a nickle nigh at the "E Mans club and on more than one occasion handed out gifts to the young ladies when they got off the busses on Friday and Saturday nights. One of my jobs was to assist the vet's in mess hall sanitation inspections. You will be glad to know that to the best of my knowledge the NCO and E Mans mess never got above the bottom 20% of 3rd or 8th Airforce mess hall inspections. Several times it came in dead last and once it was almost closed down. Best three years of my life, looking back on it now.

Reginald Bunyard - 06/27/99 04:17:43
Address:: 6241 Linscomb Rd. Vidor, TX 77662
Phone: 409-783-0945
Group where you worked:: AGE (Ground Power)


Dale Harms - 06/27/99 04:10:23
My Email:daha@txcr.net
Address:: P.O. Box 3078 Victoria, TX 77903
Phone: 361-570-3962
Group where you worked:: AGE (Ground Power)

Stationed there from 3/62 thru 11/65. Some of the best days of my life, but didn't realize it at the time.

Clyde W. Thomas, Jr. - 06/27/99 02:37:38
Address:: P.O. box 151, Dry Run, PA. 17220
Phone: 717-349-7320
Group where you worked:: Ground Power

Comments:Stationed there 11-60 to 11-63

Fred McCray - 05/30/99 03:19:41
My Email:ftroop@connpoint.com
Address:: Central Point, OR
Phone: (541) 664-1643
Group where you worked:: Ground Power Mech.

Best and worst days of my life, but I would do it all again. 1960-1963

Robert P. Fritzsche - 05/29/99 06:08:53
Address:: 2015 Organ Church Rd.,Rockwell,N.C. 28138
Phone: 704-279-8180
Group where you worked:: A.G.E

Comments:1960 to 1963

Ted DeCoste - 07/26/98 15:48:12
My Email:jtdeco@aol.com
Address: Pennsylvania
date stationed at Wethersfield: 10/60-5/64
Group where you worked.: HQ Squadron

Part of the HQ Squadron that lived in the Q huts. We were in the data processing group. Great time playing b ball and cards. Lots of time in the Douglas house in London. Still remember nickle night through the fog that it put you in.

Thomas M Belk - 07/19/98 02:40:39
My Email:belkt@mindspring.com
Address: Winston-Salem, NC
date stationed at Wethersfield: Dec 69- Mar 71
Group where you worked.: 2163 Comm Sq.

Wethersfield was a great place to be stationed for me. I met my wife there and we lived in Braintree and Great Bardfield. We enjoyed the Vine Pub in Bardfield and had a lot of great times there. I have been back several times but the base is closed now but not much has changed in the area.

Dave Kercsmar - 06/04/98 03:28:48
My Email:dak7565@clover.net
Address: 289 Skyview Dr. Wintersville OH 43953
Phone: 740-264-0982
date stationed at Wethersfield: June 1962 thru July 1965
Group where you worked.: AGE Ground Power

Absolutely the best times of my life. The Bell & The Boar's Head Pubs in Braintree & The Plough in Black Notley. Black Notley dances, London & the "D" House. Great volley ball games behind the Ground Power Hangar, the kind you give up breaks & part of you lunch time for. Victor Alert a two day weekend every two days!

Dick Zoellner - 05/29/98 20:51:56
My Email:dar@commplusis.net
Address: P.O. Box 216 Stratford, WI. 54484
Phone: 715-687-3148
date stationed at Wethersfield: Sep. '61-Nov. '64
Group where you worked.: AGE Ground Pounder

I'd do it all over again.

Bob Barrett - 05/26/98 02:26:05
My Email:robert1965@hotmail.com
Address: 30027 107th pl se, Auburn,wa. 98092
Phone: 253-833-1517
date stationed at Wethersfield: 10-10-60 to 10-10-63
Group where you worked.: AGE-Ground Power

The Airmans Club, Braintree, Chemsford, London, The Douglas House, Great Memories. The three years I was stationed at RAFW were very special. This web page is my first attempt and I would like to thank Dick Zoellner for getting me started in the right direction, and also for all the photos and related RAF Wethersfield items emailed to me by all of you RAFW veterans who have tuned into this site. Geocities allows 11 meg site space and I have used less then 6 meg so far, so if there are more pictures or other RAFW items of interest out there, email them to me and I will try to put them on the site.

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